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KAOS CD edition preorder available

Exclusively on musicglue.com at the very special price of 9€, rather than 12€. This special offer will end Thursday 31st at 12am.

The album will feature the following tracks:

01. Back Home
02. G in X out
03. Paris
04. Sci-fi
05. Bipolar
06. Shallow
07. Havok
08. Hell low
09. News
10. 13.512
11. Classified

The CD edition will also feature as bonus tracks, the ones in the single Back Home. More information on downloads.

You can listen to the whole album here.

Kaos in spring 2016

rubeck's new album, Kaos will be released late March, early April 2016. The album is closer to the IDM and downtempo sound present in his early demos.

Yo can listen to the first track Back Home here.

rubeck - live pour Flora in Murcia

Venue: Centro Párraga, Murcia

Date: 23 May, 20:00

Ciclogénesis presents rubeck - Live pour Flora

Venue: Moroder Sound Club, Madrid.

Date: 28 March, 22:00.

Time: 00h.

Soundtrack for ROOM4, the new short film from Félix Fernández

Félix Fernández has just finished his brand new short film, ROOM4. The soundtrack includes many tracks from rubeck's production, from Slav (Slav, 2004) to 33 (The Incident, 2014) as well as a new one.

You can watch a teaser here.

The Incident among the best albums of 2014

Elena Gómez, Atmósfera radio show (Radio 3, Spain) conductor, included The Incident album in the best of 2014 international albums list.

You can listen to the podcast here.

rubeck - Live pour Flora, Paris

Venue: Le Buzz, 106 Bd de Belleville, Paris 20.

Date: Friday 21 November 2014.

Time: 21h.

This Leak video at Mile End Shorts Festival

Venue: Saint Clement's Hospital, London.

Date: Tuesday 25 February.

Time: 19h.

rubeck live in Lille, France

Venue: Grand Palais, Lille.

Date: Friday 17 February.

Time: 21h.

rubeck DJ set at Ciclogénesis, Madrid

Venue: Mind the Gap, Tudescos 4, Madrid.

Date: Friday 17 January.

Time: 23:59.

'The Incident' numbered edition box available

More info at releases.

rubeck live at Horacio Cassinelli's Punxsutawney closing party

Venue: Galerie Schumm-Braunstein.

Date: Friday 25 October.

Time: 19:30.

rubeck and Horacio Cassinelli's 'poSTcARdS' installation

Venue: Galerie Schumm-Braunstein.

Date: from 17 May to 29 June 2013.

Vernissage: 17 May at 18:30.

rubeck and Robert Solheim live at the Aquavit Records party

Venue: MOSS Club, Murcia, Spain.

Date: 30 June, 2012.

Time: 23:59.

'Blà Rod 2' compilation available

The new Aquavit Records compilation includes rubeck's brand new track 'Scarf-naked'. More info at releases.

ThomasThomasNorge's 'Unhappy RMX' available

The new remix EP includes 'Unhappy (rubeck remix). More info at releases.

Acupuncture Vol. 33

Available for free download. More info at downloads.


01. Emika - 3 hours (Instrumental)
02. Kidland & Riballo - Stalker (Wesen & Riballo remix)
03. VCMG - Spock (Original mix)
04. Niederflur - Typo (Original mix)
05. Oliver Huntemann - Dark passenger (Original mix)
06. The Hacker - Night drive (Original mix)
07. Aux 88 - Voice modulation (Anthony Rother remix)
08. Felix da Housecat - Kickdrum (Original mix)
09. Pig & Dan - London's calling (Original mix)
10. Sweet Light - Abusator (Original mix)
11. Drexciya - Rubik's cube (Original mix)
12. Paul Kalkbrenner - Schnakeln
13. Arnaud Rebotini - All you need is techno (Gesaffelstein remix)
14. Axel Bartsch - Prophetic dreams (AKA AKA & Thalstroem remix)
15. Gregor Tresher & Karotte - Wave goodbye (Original mix)
16. Gui Boratto - Striker
17. Modeselektor - Evil twin
18. Gesaffelstein - Control movement (Original mix)
19. Sleeparchive - #3
20. Perc, Giorgio Gigli, Endless - Sg8 (Original mix)
21. Spicelab - Re:Break (Original mix)
22. Human Resource - Dominator (Frank De Wulf remix)
23. Instra:mental - Pyramid (Original mix)
24. Koen Groeneveld - Lakbava (Original mix)
25. Kiko - MG (Spartaque remix)
26. Miss Kittin - All you need (Original mix)
27. Marco Passarani - Mokotryde

New free double CD compilation

Includes 27 tracks from 2000 to 2007.

More info at downloads.

Acupuncture Vol. 32

Available for free download. More info at downloads.


01. Boys Noize - Haldern
02. Depeche Mode - Behind The Wheel (Vince Clarke remix)
03. Gui Boratto - Flying practice
04. Robert Solheim - Field Trip (Verve remix)
05. The Hacker - The only one (The Glitz remix)
06. Modeselektor - German clap
07. Gesaffelstein - Atmosphere
08. Arnaud Rebotini - Echoes
09. Hell - Electronic Germany (DJ Glen remix)
10. rubeck - Zeitgeist (Robert Solheim Dub mix)
11. Paul Kalkbrenner - Gutes Nitzwerk
12. Perc - Chromamoan
13. Ryan Davis, Transistor - Hunter (Rodriguez & McCutchan remix)
14. Cathode - While making other plans
15. Terence Fixmer - Dance like paranoid
16. Autechre - Vletmx
17. Einstürzende Neubauten - NNNAAAMMM (Xing mix)
18. Boys Noize, Erol Alkan, Jarvis Cocker - Avalanche (Terminal Velocity. (Ewan Pearson's Hall Of The Mountain King remix)
19. Peter Van Hoesen - Axis mundi
20. Sawf - Zelo (Original mix)
21. Miss Kittin - All you need (Gesaffelstein remix)
22. Der Zyklus - Der Tonimpulstest
23. M.A.N.D.Y. vs Booka Shade - O Superman (Original mix)
24. Mark Broom - Refund
25. Vitalic - Terminateur Benelux

Zeitgeist Remixes (Aquavit Records) Released!


01. Zeitgeist feat. Raquel Meyers (Original)

02. Zeitgeist feat. Raquel Meyers (Tröber mix)

03. Zeitgeist feat. Raquel Meyers (Robert Solheim dub mix)

More info at releases.

'Blà Rod' compilation available

The new Aquavit Records compilation includes rubeck's 'Arbeit!' and '13th blonde' tracks. More info at releases.

rubeck and lapsus live

They will perform the soundtrack they have made for Dryer's film 'Vampyr' along with the projection.

Venue: Former Tabacalera building, Embajadores 3, Madrid, Spain.

Date: 12 February, 2011.

Time: 21:00.

rubeck and Raquel Meyers live at DLRO, Madrid

This time rubeck and Raquel Meyers perform at Gorrion Party in Madrid.

Venue: DLRO Live, Pelayo 59, Madrid, Spain.

Date: 14 May, 2010.

Time: 03:00.

'Celebration' compilation by Subversive Media available

The tenth release from Subversive Media guys includes rubeck's 'Tymon', taken from his forthcoming albul 'The Incident'. More info at releases.

rubeck and Raquel Meyers live at Matadero, Madrid

rubeck and Raquel Meyers perform at the former slaughterhouse in Legazpi, Madrid.

Venue: Matadero, Paseo de la Chopera 14, Madrid, Spain.

Date: 24 October, 2009.

Time: 22:00.

Wet remixes (Subversive Media) Released!


01. Wet (Original)
02. Wet (Roger Mercader mix)
03. Wet (Bitmut mix)
04. Wet (Pedro Trotz mix)

Download link available at releases.