Rubeck was born back in 1999 as an experimental electronic music project following the style of labels like WARP, K7, Mille Plateaux, Skam... 

This style in the first stage was clearly influenced by that kind of split all 80’s electronic music was undergoing. It was the time to break all established shapes and structures, the time to dismantle everything considered as correct. The 90’s brought a brand new way of creation. There were quite a lot of names as the ones the British label WARP supported: Autechre, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Broadcast, Plone… Rubeck’s first demos compose a trilogy which is sort of a reflection of all that: 'Spheres' (2000), 'recycliert' (2001) and 'Slav' (2004). 

After that experimentation stage, there was a change in style which started in 2005 and continues today. There have been three demos and what has become rubeck’s first CD album released in October 2008 (DFE, PIAS) and reissued in 2010 (Aquavit Records) 'Gorgeous and Wet (is how we roll)'. The demos were: 'Save the Robots' (2005), 'Pose' (2006) and 'Like Sex Drops Off Gin Tonic' (2007). These ones are closer to German and French electro styles. Despite the changes in style, these demos still convey the dark sound and hidden melodies present in the past. The change was also a result of the desire to perform live. These latter works were aimed to the dance floor, and thus, rubeck has had the chance to perform live and DJ in festivals (FIB, 981, Overflow) and events including awesome artists in their line-up: James Holden, Apparat and Ellen Allien, Motor, Sascha Funke, Peter Hook, The Presets, Depeche Mode, Ada, Alex Under, Marc Marzenit…

During these 16 years, there have also been many collaborative works with visual artists like Horacio Cassinelli, David Ducrós, Marisol Simó, José Morraja, Raquel Meyers, Entter, Félix Fernández, Andrés Senra, Diana Larrea, Sin Patrón… and also some remixes made for Spunky, ThomasThomasNorge, Algora, The Bounce Committee, Pshycotic Beats, Current, Lapsus…

Outstanding collaborative works:

O.R.G.I.A. – DJ set for the video work premierey at the IVAM* (Valencia’s Institute for Modern Arts)*

Star Generation + Ironcat VS Elevator – Music for the video piece premiered at the IVAM* (With José Morraja)

Días Felices – DJ sets for the video work premiered at the IVAM* (With Entter: Raquel Meyers & Raul BB)

Vexatio – Music for the performance by Félix Fernández premiered in Tokyo.

Vampyr – Live soundtrack for Dreyer’s film together with Lapsus. Vídeos available in the video section.

Perfect Day – Music for the video piece by Félix Fernández and Juanma Carrillo.

Nexus – Sound for the video piece by Diana Larrea, Andrés Senra and Félix Fernández.

* DVDs available at the IVAM’s shop